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What are the methods of summer cooling?

First of all, we have to say is that we must be scientific cooling, do not always stay in the air conditioning inside the house, so although it is very cool, but the body is harmful, a long time, will get air conditioning disease, , Because the heat can not stand out a little, it is recommended that the summer do not air conditioning house too long a long time.

With fan

Now the fan is also varied, there is a cooling fan, that is, in the back of the hair can be put into the ice, so that the blow is very cool, this method is suitable for a person, many people are not suitable, the other with the general The fans remember to be in a ventilated place, let the air inside the house circulate.

Strike up a black mesh

If the home is in the countryside or the top of the case, it will be hot, we went to buy a large black black mesh, because the black heat, so take the top of our roof, will avoid direct sunlight on the ground, Will play a little role in the cooling.

Wear light-colored clothes

This is basically we all know, because if you wear dark, especially very color, easy to heat, will make us hotter, although the black dirty, but very sweating after the sweat, easy to see It is not good to see, we have to learn to clean clothes.

Green bean soup

Qushu a good way, mung bean soup is not only dampness, but also spleen, for our body has a good help, so that we can in the summer, get a good way to protect the body, usually drink some green bean soup, Really help a lot, and green tea, then, also to the fire water, are suitable for us in the summer reference.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool is indeed a good place for the summer, but we have to choose a good time, and choose a good venue to ensure that the water quality inside the better, swimming both exercise the body, but also a good summer. Very good choice.

Sleep when the mat on the table, because if you lie directly on the mat, we all know, not cool, seats are hot, very uncomfortable. Covered with a list, sweat, but also to keep cool.